Titu Andronicu, a comintzu...


A bois pedo, oh zente Patrìtzia:
cun s'arma in manu est a la sustènnere
sa causa mia, a tales chi giustìtzia
b'apat, in sutzessione, de otènnere.
Su primu so de chie, pro defèndere
su dïadema, b'at post'agudìtzia
In mene vivat cussa dignidade
no mi fetedas tortu a custa edade

Noble patricians, patrons of my right,
Defend the justice of my cause with arms;
And, countrymen, my loving followers,
Plead my successive title with your swords.
I am his first born son that was the last
That ware the imperial diadem of Rome;
Then let my father's honours live in me,
Nor wrong mine age with this indignity.


Amigos chi pro su deretu meu
(chi so Bassianu, de Tzesare fizu)
in Campidògliu mi dades granzeu:
su meu at a esser contivizu
de ondrare de virtude e de abbizu
s'iscrannu contra a mantzas e deleu.
E tando, zente, in grandu libertade:
deretu 'e seberare impreade!

Romans, friends, followers, favourers of my right,
If ever Bassianus, Caesar's son,
Were gracious in the eyes of royal Rome,
Keep then this passage to the Capitol;
And suffer not dishonour to approach
The imperial seat, to virtue consecrate,
To justice, continence, and nobility;
But let desert in pure election shine;
And, Romans, fight for freedom in your choice.

Marcu Andronicu

Cun su sustegnu de sas fatzïones
chertades pro pigare su cumandu,
retzide·lu, bos naro, custu bandu
de su chi b'at in contu de eletziones:
su Piu Andronicu, venerandu,
omine de servìtziu e deditziones,
sende chi populu rapresentamus
a boghe sola seberadu l'amus

Addae de sas nostras contonadas
gherradu contr'a barbaros at issu
a patrïa nostra at(a) sutammissu
sos Gotos(o), persones bene armadas
S'avisu de torrada amus emissu
a pustis de degh'annos de istocadas
Chimbe sas bortas chi torreit a domo
pro semper(e) torradu si nch'est como.

A meda fizos suos(o) s'atitu
lis at cantadu in tristu momentu
Ma como in triunfu torrat Titu
prontu a retzire reconnoschimentu
Ponide·bos a banda, sarvamentu,
chi a primu b'est(e) su comune achitu
De Campidogliu e de su Senadu
sighide inditu: Titu est candidadu

Princes, that strive by factions and by friends
Ambitiously for rule and empery,
Know that the people of Rome, for whom we stand
A special party, have by common voice
In election for the Roman empery
Chosen Andronicus, surnamed Pius
For many good and great deserts to Rome.
A nobler man, a braver warrior,
Lives not this day within the city walls.
He by the Senate is accited home,
From weary wars against the barbarous Goths,
That with his sons, a terror to our foes,
Hath yok'd a nation strong, train'd up in arms.
Ten years are spent since first he undertook
This cause of Rome, and chastised with arms
Our enemies' pride; five times he hath return'd
Bleeding to Rome, bearing his valiant sons
In coffins from the field; and at this day
To the monument of that Andronici
Done sacrifice of expiation,
And slain the noblest prisoner of the Goths.
And now at last, laden with honour's spoils,
Returns the good Andronicus to Rome,
Renowned Titus, flourishing in arms.
Let us entreat, by honour of his name
Whom worthily you would have now succeed,
And in the Capitol and Senate's right,
Whom you pretend to honour and adore,
That you withdraw you and abate your strength,
Dismiss your followers, and, as suitors should,
Plead your deserts in peace and humbleness.

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